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Clive Campion Maintaining Standards

'When we provide you with a free, no obligation quotation, we take into consideration the cost of materials, labour, travel time and competitiveness of the market. We always suggest that you obtain quotations from other contractors to compare before you make a decision. 

In the past we have been asked to lower the cost of our quotation by cutting corners on the job such as not using a primer and/or undercoat on woodwork or only one coat of paint on a wall when, in our opinion it needs two. We will not lower the price of our quotation as the quality of our work would not be up to our usual standard and also leaves us open to complaints, poor feedback & ultimately a bad reputation. 
We will discuss this further with you & hopefully come to a satisfactory compromise. Quality beats price every time!

As in every aspect of life not everything runs as smoothly as we would like, but we do try and minimise any problems. We always welcome your feedback good or bad and ask all customers, if there are any issues, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can address them and rectify them wherever possible. If a customer is still not totally satisfied then we are more happy to discuss this further to resolve it as amicably as possible with a positive outcome for both parties. 
Only once a customer is completely satisfied, we as a company completely satisfied!

We also politely request if customers can leave feedback on our website & social media sites of they have access to them.'